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Di.To is aimed at families of children with disabilities aged from birth to 14 years and to the specialized network which takes care of them.

It is based on partnership between the professionals of the Che Fare counselling service that is part of Area Onlus, a Turin association with 30 years experience in the field of disability, and the parents who over the years asked for the help of its team.

Di.To represents a virtual space, dynamic and functional, which allows not only to circulate information, but also to produce communication and support for families with disabled children. The official birth of the site coincides with the Press Conference of 19 March 2009 at the CRT Foundation, whereas the original design comes from the experience of Area onlus.

Working with parents has taught us the importance of sharing resources, information and experience, as well as the need to design and produce new instruments to improve and facilitate an exchange of ideas, advice, and of ordinary and out of the ordinary pathways.

In responding to this need, Area Onlus in 2006, in partnership with Fish Piemonte, published and distributed Di.To 0-6, a guide to city resources for parents and children, a tool to provide effective guidance to the world of disability, in which all too often bureaucratic jargon prevails, together with a lack of clarity about services and facility options.

The success obtained by the guide and support from parents, has led us to design this website which means to offer guidance to city resources and disability-related information in a simple, quick and up-to-date format.

Di.To also organizes many activities at its headquarters (Corso Regina Margherita, 55 – Turin) and in the city area: creative workshops and animated lectures for schools and  families, presentation meetings with health and social service workers and school teachers, briefings on the occasion of cultural events such as, for example, International Book Fair of Turin.

Di.To is an Area Onlus project and has been developed thanks to the contributions of Fondazione CRT, “Saper Donare Insieme 2007”.


Area onlus

Area Onlus is an Association which has been active in Torino since 1982. It addresses children and young people with disabilities and their families using an approach which is mainly based on the inner dynamics of disability affected families. Area is today a point of reference for approximately 200 families. Its three departments deal with a variety of pathological conditions with the aim of fostering rehabilitation and inclusion processes and of redeveloping networks around formal and informal links. Area provides advanced computer-based rehabilitation techniques as well as new aids for a variety of disabilities. Area works to find and select information which it delivers through innovative forms of communication; families are supported in their use of such information through targeted counselling actions. Area organises singing, painting and acting workshops with a psychodynamic approach to provide therapy and involve young people. It also creates support groups for their parents. Area produces paper and on-line publications and organises conferences and seminars.



This website is a project funded by the Fondazione C.R.T.,“Saper Donare Insieme 2007” and by several private Area Onlus donors (IFI, San Carlo, TRW Spa, amongst others) The Di.Towebsite was created by Area Onlus in 2008-2009, withExperientia, an experiential design consultancy firm from Torino. Experientia used its user-focused methodology to deliver a website project in which the interests and needs of users and their counterparts might be fully met. In 2014 expansion plans and redesign of the site have been entrusted to the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, technical partner for innovation, and made with the contribution of Fondazione CRT and the Compagnia di San Paolo. Illustrations are by Filippo GiauDi.To uses WordPress, an open source editorial platform.

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